Cross-account Catalog Access

When an organization stores data in multiple cloud accounts, it may not be desirable to create e6data workspaces in each account.

Therefore, Cross-account Catalog Access support allows an e6data workspace to access metastores/catalogs irrespective of cloud account. Using this feature helps to reduce complexity and cost since a single e6data Workspace can now access catalogs and data sources in multiple cloud accounts.

Please be mindful of the ingress/egress costs incurred & latency introduced when querying across accounts.

  1. Configure cross-account access to Hive Metastore (coming soon)

There is a known limitation that prevents same-account catalog queries from running after running a query in a cross-account catalog. This issue will be addressed in a future release.

Temporary workarounds:

  • Disabling & re-enabling a Workspace allows same-account catalog queries to run again.

  • Maintain separate Workspaces for cross-account catalogs and same-account catalogs.

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