2nd March 2024

We're pleased to introduce the latest updates to the e6data platform. Below, you'll find the list of new features and enhancements now available on the e6data platform.

Catalog Privileges (Beta)

e6data launches support for data governance capabilities for its Lakehouse SQL Engine. With this new feature, users can seamlessly manage and enforce data access privileges, ensuring data security and compliance at every level. Catalog privileges offer a system for managing authentication and access across catalog, database, table, and column levels. For instructions on enabling catalog privileges, please refer to the documentation.

Please note that this is a beta feature in a private preview. Please reach out to the e6data team to enable this in your workspace.

Key Features:

  • Granular Access Control: Define access privileges at the catalog, schema, table, and column levels, precisely controlling who can access what data.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily manage access privileges directly through the intuitive interface of e6.

  • Transparent Query History: Gain insight into denied access attempts through the transparent query history feature.

  • Future Enhancements: Anticipate upcoming enhancements, including support for row filtering and column masking.

  • Role-Based Access: Empower users with the Data Admin role to create and manage access privileges, ensuring centralized control and oversight.

  • Automatic Access Provisioning: Experience seamless access provisioning as any new user added to the workspace automatically inherits access to all data assets.


  • Column masking and row filtering functionalities are scheduled for future releases and unavailable in the current version.

  • Changes to access privileges may take 60 seconds to become effective after saving.

Support for Liquid Clustering

In this release, the e6data cluster is now capable of effectively managing tables with liquid clustering enabled on a delta table. It leverages clustering keys to enhance performance when reading the tables, thereby improving query execution speed.

Support for Unnest Operator for Primitive Types

Introducing support for the unnest operator for primitive types, allowing users to efficiently work with nested data structures.

Impersonation Feature for Metabase BI Tool only via Apache Ranger

  • A new parameter has been added which identifies the session user in the Metabase BI tool.

  • Enables clear attribution of queries to the correct user, aiding data governance and security efforts.

  • To utilize this feature, users must employ the latest engine alongside the e6data Clojure driver. (Please contact e6data support for Clojure driver)

Supporting New Function

Introducing a range of new functions to enhance query capabilities:

  • ENDSWITH - Returns TRUE if the first expression ends with second expression, simplifying substring search operations.

  • ASCII - Return the ASCII code for the first character of a given string.

  • MD5 - Returns a 32-character hex-encoded string.

  • REPEAT - Generate a string by duplicating the input by number of repetitions specified.

  • SIGN - The SIGN (SIGNUM) function returns the signum value of its argument.

  • TO_TIMESTAMP_NTZ - Returns timestamp with UTC timezone (timestamp with no time zone).

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