26th August 2023


The 26th August 2023 release of e6data includes the following features & enhancements:

Usage Notes

No user action is required to access the features in this release.

Adding Pod Metrics to Cluster Metrics

New Kubernetes Pod-related metrics are now available on the Cluster metrics page, related to the Planner & Executor components.

More information: Cluster Metrics

Ability to Update Workspaces

When a Workspace is updated using Terraform, users can now enter the new Terraform script outputs in the e6data Console to allow for a smoother update process.

More information: Updating a Workspace in AWS & Updating a Workspace in GCP

Adding option to edit Query History View

Users can now edit the column displayed in Query History according to their requirements. The customized view will be auto-saved and shown during each session.

The Query ID column is visible by default.

More information: Customizing Query History View

UI Enhancements

UI enchantments have been made to the following components for a better user experience:

  • Query History

  • Cluster External Connectivity

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