Understand how e6data is structured

e6data is architected following a cloud-prem deployment model. It consists of a Data Plane deployed inside a customer's cloud boundary and a multi-tenant Control Plane hosted by e6data.

e6data believes in open architecture, allowing users to seamlessly include e6data within their secured cloud boundary.

As shown in above diagram, most of e6data resources are deployed inside the users cloud boundary. Only the control plane which assists in seamless deployments, cluster management and platform diagnostics is outside the boundary. The e6data platform never sees any query or query results. Data never moves outside a users cloud boundary, ever.

Security by Design

  • The e6data approach eliminates data movement outside a customer's cloud boundary while providing end users with the seamless experience of using a managed service.

  • All query processing & result delivery happens within the customer’s cloud boundary, behind their existing security controls to reduce compliance concerns.

  • The Control Plane does not have access to any customer data and e6data employees cannot access any components inside the Data Plane.

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