Create Workspaces


Once the e6data installation has been completed, the parameters of the e6data installation must be entered in the e6data Console to create a Workspace.

During the installation process, the following parameters should have been noted down:

Workspace Parameters for AWS
  1. workspace_name

  2. region

  3. workspace_s3_bucket_name

  4. cross_account_role_arn

  5. kubernetes_cluster_name

  6. eks_nodegroup_name

  7. eks_nodegroup_max_instances

  8. kubernetes_namespace

  9. sts_external_id

Workspace Parameters for GCP
  1. e6data_workspace_name

  2. region

  3. workspace_gcs_bucket_name

  4. gcp_project_id

  5. kubernetes_cluster_name

  6. kubernetes cluster type

  7. kubernetes_namespace

Create Workspace

  1. Log in to the e6data Console.

  2. Navigate to Workspaces from the left navigation bar.

  3. Click Create Workspace.

  4. Select the cloud provider.

  5. Enter the region.

  6. Acknowledge that all installation steps have been completed.

  7. Enter all requested parameters.

  8. Click Validate

  9. If connectivity is established, you will be redirected to the Workspace listing page.

  10. In a few moments, the Workspace state will change to Active

Workspace creation is now complete and you can proceed to create Catalogs & Clusters.

The "Refresh List" button will update the statuses of the workspaces.

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