Connect to a Hive Metastore

  1. To connect to a Hive catalog, open your workspace and click on the button in the sidebar.

  2. Click Create Catalog

  3. Start by giving your catalog a name and pick Hive as the metastore type.

  4. To set up the connection, provide:

    1. Hive IP address/Domain Name

    2. Hive Port

    3. When asked whether the Hive metastore and S3 data source exist in the same AWS Account as the e6data workspace:

      1. If yes, select Yes and proceed to step 6.

      2. If not, select No and configure cross-account access (coming soon), provide the requested details of the target catalog, and proceed to step 6.

    4. If the Hive catalog is hosted on a public IP, you will be asked to acknowledge that the security risks involved.

  5. Once ready, Click Validate.

  6. Next, choose the databases/schemas you want to run the queries on from your metastore. This selection can be changed later.

  7. To enable automatic catalog updates, toggle on the auto-refresh option and set the desired time interval for catalog updates. Remember, you can always adjust this selection and interval later.

  8. If you do not require auto-refresh for your catalog, you can proceed to the next step.

  9. If all the settings are correct, click on Create.

  10. You will be redirected to your catalog listing screen. Successful creation will change your catalog status from PENDING to ACTIVE.

    • In case the catalog has not been created there will be an error that you can see on hovering over the status bar. We have listed the errors that you can encounter while creating a catalog on the catalog errors.

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