18th April 2024

We're excited to announce the latest updates and enhancements to e6data. This release brings a host of new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance your experience with our platform.

Improved Connectivity and Security Enhancements

We've made significant enhancements to connectivity resources in your workspace, focusing on streamlining user permissions and fortifying security measures. Here's what you need to know:

  • Reduced IAM Permissions: We've streamlined the IAM permissions required for users in their workspace, specifically targeting connectivity resources. For more information, please refer to this documentation.

  • Enhanced ACM Certificate Validation: We've bolstered the validation process for ACM (Amazon Certificate Manager) certificates during TLS (Transport Layer Security) and gateway connectivity. This enhancement ensures stronger encryption and heightened security for your connections.

With these improvements, you can enjoy a more seamless and secure experience when utilizing connectivity resources within your workspace.

Streamlined Query Editing Experience: Enhanced Handling of Large SQL Queries

We're thrilled to announce improvements to the query editor, designed to optimize your experience, especially when dealing with large SQL queries. Here's what you can expect:

  • Formatting Support: Users can now format their SQL queries within a specified limit directly in the query editor. This feature enhances readability and organization, even for extensive query texts.

  • Non-disruptive Formatting: Formatting large queries may require some time, but worry not! We've implemented a progress bar to keep you informed. Plus, the page remains responsive throughout the process, ensuring uninterrupted editing without any hanging or blocking.

  • Supportive Messaging: If a query exceeds the formatting limit, users will receive a message indicating that formatting is not possible due to the query's size. However, this does not disrupt your querying experience; you can continue editing your SQL query seamlessly.

With these improvements, you can confidently work with large SQL queries in the query editor, maintaining productivity without any interruptions.

Enhanced Query History Management: Faster Downloads and Improved Filtering

We're excited to introduce enhancements to the query history feature, aimed at streamlining your experience when managing executed queries. Here's what's new:

  • Faster Download Times:

    • We've optimized the download process for query history, especially when dealing with a large number of queries. Now, you'll experience reduced download times, ensuring quicker access to your query details.

    • To keep you informed about the download progress, we've added a progress bar. This feature displays the percentage of completion, allowing you to track the download status effortlessly.

  • Enhanced Filter for Status:

    • We've revamped the filter for query status, making it more user-friendly. Instead of typing and searching, you can now select the status directly from a dropdown menu. This improvement simplifies the filtering process, enhancing your overall user experience.

With these enhancements, managing your query history is more efficient and intuitive than ever before. Enjoy faster downloads, clearer progress tracking, and simplified filtering options for a smoother user experience.

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