12th March 2024

We're pleased to introduce the latest updates to the e6data platform. Below is the list of new features and enhancements now available on the e6data platform.

Enhanced Cluster Connection Info and Connectivity

We have enhanced the connectivity components in the platform by streamlining the association process in endpoints and supporting a new type of connectivity. Here are the key features added to the connectivity:

  • Reforming connectivity types: In the latest update, the process for creating connections in the cluster tab has been relocated to endpoints and renamed Direct Connectivity. Additionally, the previous Direct Connectivity option under endpoints has been rebranded as TLS Connectivity. Notably, Direct Connectivity does not require DNS mapping. Please refer to the documentation for more information. We recommend using direct connectivity exclusively during Proof of Concept (POC) mode.

  • Restructuring Association of clusters and IP sets: This restructuring enables users to create/edit endpoints and associate clusters and IP Sets with them seamlessly in one place.

  • Revamping the Cluster Connection Page: The page has been redesigned to streamline the collection of connection information according to the chosen connectivity type. Please refer to the documentation for more information.

Catalog refresh allowed for Data Analyst roles

We've introduced a new capability to the data analyst role, allowing them to refresh catalogs in addition to existing permissions manually.

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