30th March 2023


The 30th March 2023 release of e6data includes the following features & enhancements:

Usage Notes

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Platform Release Notes

Single Sign-On (SSO) via AWS SSO, Okta & SAML 2.0

e6data now supports federated authentication using the following Identity Providers (IdP):


  • Okta

  • Other SAML 2.0 compliant IdPs

More information: Single Sign-On

Support for AWS S3 Gateway Endpoints

AWS S3 Gateway Endpoints provide reliable connectivity to Amazon S3 without requiring an Internet gateway or a NAT device in a VPC. There is no additional charge for using gateway endpoints. It will provide the ability to route the S3 traffic within the AWS network.

Engine Release Notes

Dynamic Filtering with Date and Timestamp Columns

Performance improvements in queries where joins on Date and Timestamp columns are used.

Parquet Page-level Data Skipping/Pruning

Filtering based on filter conditions that can be pushed down and dynamic filters is now supported.

This improves the performance of queries where a full-row group is narrowed down to a small subset.

Distribution Enhancements

e6data currently supports distributing:

  • Table Scans

  • Filters

  • Joins between Small Tables

  • Aggregations

This particularly benefits queries with a high degree of parallelism i.e a large number of files or row groups to be scanned in any part of the query.

The benefit is proportional to the number of executors/instances participating in the distribution.

The following distributions will be supported in future releases:

  • Queries with Windowing functions

  • Joins between Big Tables

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