Suspend & Resume Clusters

Clusters can be suspended when they are not in use to save infrastructure costs and resumed when they are needed again.

In some cases, not all executors will come online immediately when a cluster is resumed due to infrastructure availability limitations. The remaining executors will become active as soon as resources are available.

Users will still be able to run queries using a partially active cluster.

Suspend Clusters

Clusters can be suspended in two ways:

Suspend Clusters Manually

  1. Navigate to Clusters

  2. Click the pause button next to the cluster to be suspended.

Set up Auto Suspension

If Auto Suspension is configured in a cluster it will be suspended when it is not used for a defined period of time.

Refer to the Auto Suspension documentation for instructions.

Resume Clusters

Clusters can be resumed in two ways:

Resume Clusters Manually

  • Navigate to Clusters

  • Click the play button next to the cluster to be resumed.

Resume Clusters via the Query Editor

If a user tries to run a query using a suspended cluster via the Query Editor, they will be prompted for consent to resume the cluster.

The "Refresh List" button will update the statuses of the clusters.

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