Apache Superset

Apache Superset is a web-based application for exploring and visualizing data. It is commonly deployed on a server and accessed by multiple users. Users can utilize Apache Superset to write SQL queries, generate new tables, visualize data, create dashboards, and export data into files.


  • Install the latest e6data pip package.

  • Please use the latest version of the Apache superset.


Get the necessary connection information for your cluster:

  • For connection string

Connection string for Direct Connectivity Endpoint

Syntax of the URL required to establish an Apache Superset connection with the e6data cluster when connecting using the Direct type of connectivity in endpoints:

Connection string for TLS Connectivity Endpoint

Here is the syntax of the URL required to establish an Apache superset connection with the e6data cluster when connecting via TLS type of connectivity in endpoints:


Once you have gathered this information, you can create a new connection in Superset. To connect with Superset, follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to Superset settings and select "Database Connection."

  2. Click on "+ Database" and choose "Others" from the supported databases.

  3. In the SQLalchemy URI field, enter the provided URL, replacing placeholders with actual credentials.

  4. Click on "Test Connection" to ensure the details are correct.

  5. After a successful test, click "Connect."


e6data utilizes globally trusted certificates, ensuring that the host and port provided by the connection dialogue are adequate. Any e6data cluster necessitating authentication must also employ TLS/HTTPS. If adhering to globally trusted certificate best practices, utilize the cluster’s HTTPS URL in the connection string as detailed in the aforementioned steps. (Only required for TLS connectivity type of endpoints.)

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