Configure Cluster Ingress

Securely enabling ingress to e6data clusters for external services

Manually configuration of Cluster Ingress is not necessary if External IP Allowlisting is done.

When connecting tools like Tableau or JDBC drivers to an e6data cluster, Ingress must first be configured in a customer's Kubernetes cluster. Below are a few tutorials to securely configure ingress in different scenarios.

What is Ingress in Kubernetes?

In Kubernetes, an Ingress is an API object that provides external access to Services within a cluster. It acts as a layer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS) load balancer and allows you to define routing rules to direct incoming traffic to different services based on the URL path or domain.

More info: Ingress - Official Kubernetes Documentation

What is a Service in Kubernetes?

In Kubernetes, a Service is an abstraction that defines a logical set of pods and a policy by which to access them. It provides a consistent way to access and communicate with your application's pods, regardless of their dynamic nature (pods can be created, terminated, or scaled up/down).

More info: Service - Official Kubernetes Documentation

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