Update a GCP Terraform for your Workspace

Workspace updates will be released by e6data to provide new features, improvements, optimization, and bug fixes.

How to Apply Updates

  1. Obtain the latest Terraform files from the e6x-labs/terraform repo from Github.

  2. Navigate to the directory containing the Terraform files. It is essential to be in the correct directory for the Terraform commands to execute successfully.

  3. Configure the terraform.tfvars & provider.tf files, to match the same details filled out during the initial Workspace installation.

  4. Initialize Terraform:

    terraform init

  5. Generate a Terraform plan and save it to a file (e.g., e6.plan):

    terraform plan -var-file="terraform.tfvars" --out="e6.plan"

    The -var-file flag specifies the input variable file (terraform.tfvars) that contains the necessary configuration values for the deployment.

  6. Review the generated plan.

  7. Apply the changes using the generated plan file:

    terraform apply "e6.plan"

    This command applies the changes specified in the plan file (e6.plan) to deploy the e6data workspace in your environment.

  8. Make note of the values returned by the script.

  9. Navigate to Workspaces in the e6data Console

  10. Click the name of the Workspace being updated

  11. Click Update Workspace

  12. Enter the new values returned in step 8.

  13. Click Update

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